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Kentucky Health KET Public Television
Kentucky Health KET Dr Diane Schneider Interview with Dr Wayne Tuckson
Host Dr. Wayne Tuckson interviewed Dr. Diane Schneider about what is osteoporosis, what is osteopenia, what is needed for vitamin D, calcium, and physical activity. How osteoporosis is diagnosed and treated.

Better Connecticut CBS Affiliate
Better Connecticut Interview Dr. Diane Schneider with co-host Kara Sundlun
Co-host Emmy-award winning Kara Sundlun talked with Dr. Diane Schneider about building bones, how much calcium, vitamin D, and exercise is needed to build and maintain the strongest bones possible.

Jen and Barb Mom Life
Jen and Barb Mom Life interview with Dr Diane Schneider
Mom Life’s co-hosts Jennifer Pate and Barbara Machen invite Dr. Diane Schneider to their living room set to chat about what moms can to help their children build strong bones with adequate calcium sources, vitamin D, and exercise.

WHC-TV For Health, For Life
WHCTV For Health For Life Gabrielle Sarnese interview with Dr Diane Schneider
Host Gabrielle Sarnese talks about bone health from the aging perspective with Dr. Diane Schneider. Dr. Schneider answers questions about what is osteoporosis, who gets osteoporosis, how do you know if you have osteoporosis, what can you do to prevent fractures and more.

HMC-TV The Health Report
WHMCTV Dr James McCabe interview with Dr Diane Schneider
The Health Report host Dr. James McCabe interviews Dr. Diane Schneider with focus on the senior community. Who is at risk for fractures and osteoporosis? What is a bone density scan? How do you lower your risk for osteoporosis or breaking a bone? How do you decide what medicines to go on?

You The Owner's Manual Radio Show with Dr. Michael Roizen
Dr. Schneider spoke with Real Age Dr. Mike Roizen and Joe Galuski in the segment "Make No Bones About Bone Health" discussing tips on how to prevent bones from becoming brittle with the help of calcium, vitamin D, exercise, healthy eating, and more. Note: In "On-Demand Player" move the slider to about 18:30 in the segment for the start of the interview.

The U-T San Diego's Community Spotlight with Drew Schlosberg
The U-T San Diego's Community Spotlight with Drew Schlosberg

Part 1

Part 2


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